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Just Beet It is a uniquely niche website focusing on the beautiful beet.


The entire article does not need to focus only on the beet, but each article must reflect our website’s niche. The more beet-focused articles we receive, the better! 

Here are a few examples of articles that focus on the BEET:

Here are a few examples of articles that significantly include but aren’t focused on the BEET:

Submission Guidelines

  • Articles should be 700 to 1000 well-written words.

  • Articles with vibrant high-quality photos will be given priority, so please provide photos with your submission (you must own the photos or permission must be obtained from original source). Photo format: web-optimized JPEG

  • All articles should be easy to read, engaging, and unique.

  • All blog articles must be original and cannot be republished on third-party sites. We do, however, accept re-published RECIPES as long as the original blog post is credited. If you want to submit a recipe, see recipe submission guidelines for details.

  • If you include references, please hyperlink them and/or send us a list of sources used. All links should be credible/reputable sources. If you wish to include other links, they must add value for our readers and be approved by our editing staff.

  • Most articles will be edited. Even THE BEST well-written articles are often edited/revised to fit our guidelines and formatting style.

  • Include a brief author bio about yourself (no more than 75 words). If you wish to include a head-shot, even better! We like seeing your face.

  • We always reserve the right to reject submissions at our discretion.


  • Make sure all submitted articles are in final format. We want to avoid massive edits and re-writes.

  • All images must be at least 750x300, 1000x1500, or 1000x1000 pixels. Only share images that you own or have permission to use. Free stock photos may be used if credited.

  • Photo format: web-optimized JPEG

Why Your Submission May Not be Accepted

It rarely happens, but we have the right to decline draft submissions. We are flexible with content and writing styles; however, we may not accept articles for the following reasons:

  • Article is too short.

  • Article contains many spelling and grammatical mistakes.

  • Article topic is not relevant for our website’s focus.

  • Article submission doesn’t include a full author bio.

  • Article isn’t well-supported (facts are included without credible sources/references).

  • Article appears “spammy” (writing seems like a pitch filled with many links for non-credible sources or advertisements, black-hat linking, etc.). Please don’t needlessly promote giveaways, products, or events.

We are thrilled to share the blogging love and are happy to include links to your blog or other helpful resources if they are on topic and add value for our readers. We do not accept links back to affiliate links or third-party businesses (unless the link is relevant to your topic and adds value). We reserve the right to include or exclude links at our discretion.

We want to create an authentic community with thoughtful information for our visitors. If you want to promote your business and are interested in WORKING WITH US through sponsorship or advertising, please contact us for a rate sheet and social media services.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your article:

  • You declare that you are the sole owner and author of the article and own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to the article or have permission from the owner or author to submit the article to Just Beet It LLC.

  • You are giving Just Beet It LLC permission to publish your article on our website or in any e-mail newsletters.

  • Just Beet It LLC agrees to include your author bio in the article granting author full credit for written content.


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