Just Beet It celebrates the beet's humble uniqueness, nutritional benefits, flavorful versatility, and engaging history. Whether you are a beet lover or beet novice, hopefully something will inspire you on this website, and you will gain a deeper appreciation for beets.

Not sure where to start? Want to learn how to cook beets? Looking for more ways to prepare beets? Excited to try some delicious beet recipes that don’t taste like dirt? We’ve got you covered. How to Eat Beets? Let Us Count the Ways is a great way to start your fantastic beet journey. Cheers!

MEET AARIKA, Just Beet It Founder

Photo Credit: Aarika's Amazing Mom  “Dwight Schrute: Everyone loves beets.  Michael Scott: Nobody likes beets, Dwight. Why don’t you grow something that everybody does like? You should grow candy. I’d love a piece of candy right now. Not a beet.”  — The Office

Welcome to the wonderful world of beets! I am delighted you are here.

A lot of people ask me, "Why beets?" in which I respond with a cheeky grin, "'Beets' Me!" Actually, beets intrigue me as I think they are vibrantly diverse, spectacularly nutritious, and remarkably under-utilized. Perhaps you could say that I "root" for the underdog, er vegetable.

I was raised to appreciate fruits and vegetables. Thanks, mom and dad! Although I cannot recall the specific incidents, apparently when I was a toddler, I loved "helping" my parents in the garden by eating all the strawberries: dirt, insects, and all. Yes – to this day, I still love fruits and veggies; the beet happens to be one of the many extraordinary vegetables that I adore. 

When I am not focused on beets, I also enjoy traveling, yoga, reading, laughing, cooking, humanitarian outreach, volunteering with animal rescues, dancing, hugging trees (and anything/anyone who will accept hugs), and eating.  Yes – I love food! 

Although I agree with Michael Scott from The Office that candy is super delicious, and admittedly, I have a rampant sweet tooth that absolutely adores Sour Patch Kids, I generally prefer eating happy dance foods. Happy dance foods are the foods that energize me; my cells dance with joy because they are so ridiculously healthy and happy. The beet is one of the MANY "happy dance" foods in my life.

I hope everyone experiences some type of "happy dance" food that invigorates and inspires. It is my goal to bring simplicity and joy into the lives of everyone who graciously visits my site. Life is meant to be lived, embraced, and experienced. However that looks for you, go after your life. Breathe, taste, love, feel, and enjoy life. Namaste, my friends, and JUST BEET IT!

I cannot wait to hear from you! Share the love with a virtual hug and message below. 


Aarika Chilson

Founder, Owner, and Hugger Extraordinaire

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