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Do you cook with beets? Are you a recipe creator or food blogger? We would love to feature YOUR recipes.

Just Beet It is a community of beet enthusiasts, and we are thrilled to share deliciously diverse beet-themed recipes for all palates. We believe that food is an expression of art, and we would be honored to celebrate YOU and your creations in our recipe index.


Also, although we are equal opportunity beet enthusiasts, we do prefer featuring healthy recipes on Just Beet It. We like whole and real food cooking, so we love featuring recipes that use little to no sugars and no preservatives.

All approved recipes receive FULL CREDIT with links and promotion of your business/brand through Just Beet It's social media platforms and newsletters.

Recipe Submission Guidelines

  • We encourage description text with the recipes. Each recipe must also have a list of ingredients and directions.

  • We accept only high-quality images. Submit photos and images you have the rights to share. Photo format: web-optimized JPEG

  • We prefer original recipes but are open to duplicate recipes. When submitted, all unoriginal recipes must also include a link to the original recipe.

  • Include a short bio (less than 75 words) about yourself including your author name. If you wish to include a head-shot, even better! We like seeing your face.

  • We always reserve the right to reject submissions at our discretion.


  • Make sure all submitted recipes are in final format. We want to avoid massive edits and re-writes.

  • All images must be at least 750x300, 1000x1500, or 1000x1000 pixels. Only share images that you own or have permission to use. Free stock photos may be used if credited.

  • Photo format: web-optimized JPEG

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your recipe:

  • You declare that you are the sole owner and author of the recipe or have permission from the owner or author to submit the article to Just Beet It LLC.

  • You are giving Just Beet It LLC permission to publish your recipe on our website or in any e-mail newsletters.

  • Just Beet It LLC agrees to include your name in the post granting author full credit for written content and recipe.

How to Submit Recipes

Submit RECIPES using the form below. Please send images to Photo format: web-optimized JPEG. If recipe is previously published, please include original recipe URL. Thanks!

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Just Beet It is a community, and we would be thrilled for you to share the love and help promote your article when it’s published. We will do the same! Any shares on social media and with your audience is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Keep on being un”BEET”able!!