Pretty in Pink: Pickled Beet Dirty Martini

Pretty in Pink Pickled Beet Dirty Martini.jpg

Veggies in cocktails? Absolutely! For veggie and cocktail enthusiasts (especially beet lovers) this is a dream come true. Beets are uniquely sweet, interestingly earthy, and vibrantly beautiful - the perfect addition to your favorite mixed drink.

I love crafting unique beet recipes, so when the fabulous people from Drizly contacted me inquiring about beet cocktails, of course I danced a jig and said, "Heck Yes"! Drizly, my new BFF, is an inventive internet based alcohol delivery service (known as the "Uber of liquor"), and yes, they do check ID! Have a hankering for some wine, beer, or spirits but don't want to leave the comforts of your home or pjs? Pull up Drizly online or use the app to order your favorite ingredients and have them delivered without ever leaving your house. If you live in one of Drizly's expansive delivery areas, you can have your purchases delivered to your home in about one hour or less. Pretty impressive, right? For this crafty cocktail, Drizly delivered Tito's Handmade Vodka, right to my door, and I never had to change out of my pjs.

Capturing the clean simple taste of a classic dirty martini, this "twist" contains a crisp and savory flavor with a subtle dash of sweet beet finish. Yum! Plus- this cocktail is magical. Yes, magical! Like the "horse of a different color" from The Wizard of Oz, this drink's hue continually transforms into various shades of pink and red after the addition of skewered red pickled beets

Pretty in Pink Pickled Beet Dirty Martini
pretty in pink pickled beet dirty martini
Pretty in Pink Pickled Beet Dirty Martini

Stay tuned for delicious un"beet"able veggie cocktails coming your way, and stop by Drizly for fabulous products delivered to your home. Would you try this Pretty in Pink Pickled Beet Dirty Martini? I would love to hear from you. Cheers! 


*Download the Drizly app for delievery to your front door. 

**Use pink/white Chioggia Beets for a light pink beet brine and red beets for a dark red brine. This drink was made with Chioggia Beet brine and pickled red heart beets. If homemade pickled beets aren't your thing, use brine from purchased pickled beets. Note - store-bought pickled beet brine is often more salty, so adjust brine taste accordingly. 


    1. Add vodka, brine, and dry vermouth (optional) to a cocktail shaker with 3-4 ice cubes. 
    2. Either drink on the rocks or strain into a chilled martini glass.
    3. Garnish with pickled beets and fresh dill. 
    4. Enjoy! 


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