Boost Your Body and Brain with Beets

Photo by    Natalia Fogarty    on    Unsplash

A recent report by the ACSM states that High Intensity Interval Training is back to being a key fitness trend for 2018. Needless to say, HIIT is a demanding routine, for which you’ll need extra energy. Fortunately, there’s a great natural option to help boost you through your workout; the humble beet is packed with nitrates, which boost endurance performance and will help keep your stamina up as you power through your drill. Even better, if you enjoy beets from root to leaf, you can also benefit from all the other nutrients they have to offer.  So what else can a beet do for your body? You may be surprised to learn it’s rather a lot.

Beets for Your Body

As well as increasing your endurance and helping you get better results in the gym or on the track, beets have a number of other health improving properties.  They are high in immune-system boosting Vitamin C, folate and fiber. At present, the majority of Americans aren't eating enough fiber, which is a real problem as it can aid weight loss, help reduce the risk of breast cancer, and promote healthy aging.  Of course, there are more positive ways to measure health than just weight loss and BMI scores alone, but a food which helps to boost this as well as offering a range of other health benefits has got to be worth popping on your plate.

Beets for Your Brain

Another benefit of beets being rich in nitrates is the fact that they promote better blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain.  This can help to improve organization, focus and attention to detail.  If you’re looking to improve your work-life balance or just to finally be on top of the small admin tasks which take so much time, this may be just the boost you need.  A more focused approach to these jobs may leave you with more time to exercise, see friends or enjoy something creative or fulfilling which in turn boosts mental health and well-being.

In short, a simple beet has much to offer when it comes to your health.  From improving your physical performance to providing nutrients that can help protect your body from a number of ailments, beets can be great for your body. Add in the positive benefits they can bring to your brain, and it’s easy to see why beets should be included within any healthy balanced diet.  Experiment with delicious new recipes and find a new way to include beets today.

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