Venice Beach Wines: Beet salad with Flair

Venice Beach Wines Restaurant Review.jpg

Craving some Southern California warmth, a glass of delicious Malbec, and a snazzy, decadent beet salad? Yes - you heard me correctly: decadent beet salad! Venice Beach Wines awaits your fabulous presence. 

Venice Beach Wines in California has a beautifully warm environment with intimate outdoor seating and scrumptious food and drinks. I first visited Venice Beach Wines during the summer months last year when my sister and I were looking for an outdoor space that had delicious Happy Hour food and drinks and Wi-Fi. Voila! Venice Beach Wines (VBW) provides the perfect atmosphere for blending work and play. To my delight, I also discovered that VBW's menu, featuring many farm-to-table small plates, presented an intriguing beet salad with edible flowers and basil oil. Yes, please!  


Immediately, I was impressed by the presentation. The red and purple beet colors splashed vibrantly on the plate along with a subtle use of edible flowers. The sweet, earthy beet flavor was definitely the focus of the dish combined with a delightful blend of cranberries, chevre, and basil oil. Most inspiring was the blend of chevre with beets; the creamy texture was absolutely stunning. 

This beet salad's presentation is definitely one of my favorites; unfortunately, much to my dismay, I recently discovered that this salad is not always featured on the menu. It must be seasonal. Gasp! My mouthwatering daydreams of this tantalizing beet salad have come to a screeching halt as I anxiously await this beet salad's return. I am, however, intrigued by Venice Beach Wine's featured Roasted Veggie Salad which contains beet puree. Perhaps I need to plan a date with this Veggie Salad and see if a beautiful relationship transpires. See you soon, beet puree. 

When you are in Venice, stop by VBW for delicious food and drinks, a decadent beet salad (if on the menu), and a welcoming atmosphere. I would love to hear about your Venice Beach Wine adventures, especially if you rock out with beets.