Tasty Tuesdays: Meet Janice from Nourished by Nature

Janice from Nourished by Nature

"Eating for health is neither time consuming nor expensive, and that's the message I try to spread." -Janice Clyne 

One of the things that I adore about having a niche website featuring beets is that I have the opportunity to meet so many amazing beet lovers who share their insight, beautiful, and delicious beet recipes with me. I am incredibly thankful and humbled by the opportunity to meet and interview passionate food lovers who support the fabulous beet. On Tuesdays, I feature guest recipes, ideas, products, and more. Welcome to Tasty Tuesdays! Are you hungry? 

MEET JANICE: brilliant food scientist, culinary genius, macrobiotic health coach, avid gardener, blogger extraordinaire, and dedicated mom! 

Interview with Janice Clyne from Nourished by Nature

1. I would love to know more about your qualifications as a food scientist and biochemist. Can you expand on what that means for creating recipes and healthy living?

"I have had an interesting career, interrupted for a good few years as I was fortunate enough to raise my kids in a loving natural environment. I have 4 girls ranging from 14 to 25 years old so took a lot of time off. In that time I started gardening & cooking everything from scratch and generally enjoying my role as a mum. I have an honors degree in Agricultural Chemistry and a MS in Analytical Biochemistry. Then I worked as a Research Food Scientist at Strathclyde University for 10 years, where I started a PhD but then found out I was expecting my first baby so I didn't take it any further!  It was way too exciting having a baby! Another one came along 2 years later so that put an end to my academic career as I wanted to stay home and look after them. I've always been interested in food and feel that I've come full circle with a wide knowledge Base, a passionate desire to spread the word on healthy eating, especially in West of Scotland where I live; we have the worst chronic disease and the worst diet!

Macrobiotics brought it all into focus, and I started to realize the huge impact our western diet was having on our health. I have been healthy all my life and sailed through 4 pregnancies and the menopause with barely a hot flush. I don't take my good health for granted and take steps daily to support my health with organic plant-based food. I now support others through the blog running workshops, demonstrations and consultations."

beetroot and coconut soup

3. Why do you include beets in your blog, and how do you use beet (beetroot or greens) in your kitchen?

"I promote plant based food and love all veggies but beetroot has a special place in my heart! It's such a vibrant color with a natural sweetness and is packed with antioxidants, soluble fiber, minerals, vitamins, and supports just about every body system from improving digestive health to improving memory & cognitive function, strengthening the blood, bones and teeth, and reducing LDL cholesterol (supporting heart health).

It's [beet] also a great detoxifier and can lower blood pressure through the action of nitrates which open the blood vessels. It's pretty impressive, and it also protects against cancers. I love beetroot and use it in numerous ways. I love juicing it with pomegranate, radish, lime & ginger."

4. Why Beetroot Marinara? What inspired the creation?

"I created beetroot marinara last summer, thought it would go really with with spiralised courgettes for a light extremely healthy lunch or dinner. Sometimes beets can taste a bit earthy and tomatoes bitter so dates add a real natural sweetness to balance the flavors, further boosted with garlic and warming sweet paprika, one of my favorite spices! All in all a delicious, easy, nutritious meal! I just used vacuum packed beets for speed since I'm all about healthy fast food."

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5. Where do you currently reside in the UK? Do you grow beets? What else do you garden?

"I live in Glasgow, not the sunshine capital of Scotland but I grow what I can in the summer months: mostly kale, spinach, salad, herbs, edible flowers and salad crops like courgettes, tomatoes and cucumber. I'm pretty good with green beans, peas and runner beans. My first degree was in Agricultural Chemistry, and I more recently studied Permaculture and have a Permaculture Design Certificate and grow everything according to organic principles.  I compost a lot; I have a wormery which is great for juice pulp, the worms love it and I compost all the chicken waste. I like to think of myself as a wee bit self-sufficient!  I also brew my own kombucha, kefir and ferment veggies ! I supplement my veggies with locally grown organic veggies from a local Food Coop."

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All photos provided by Janice from Nourished by Nature.