20 Heart "Beet" Valentine's Day Recipes

"Where there is love there is life." -Mahatma Gandhi

Nothing "beets" a happy healthy heart to celebrate love. Did you know that beets are packed with nutritional benefits that increase blood circulation, balance blood pressure, and reduce inflammation? The beautiful beetroot is filled with superhero heart healthy goodness. Interestingly, the "quirky" heart-shape of the beetroot implies a deep connection to the icon of love, and the beet even  "bleeds" red, the vibrant hue containing powerful antioxidants protecting against heart disease. There are so many reasons to eat more beets! This Valentine's season, gift yourself and your loved ones a vibrant dose of deliciously healthy foods, love, and laughter. 

20 Valentine's Day Beet Recipes

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Just Beet It BONUS

Looking for ways to naturally color your Valentine's Day treats? The bright red color from beets that stains its way to your dinner table is perfect for creating Do-It-Yourself Natural Red Food Coloring. Click here for tips! 

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